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Our ancestors tried to use automation technologies to improve their life thousands year ago. With the development of mechanical technologies, some manual jobs have been shifted to machine jobs powered by various energy sources.
Today we are still continuing to improve our society, by developing automated machines and technologies. There is a need of taking some workers away from repetitive, depressing and dangerous jobs and replacing with automated machines.

Here, at WestBison Technologies, we provide a comprehensive range of custom automation solutions:

  • Basic factory automation machineries (conveyors etc)
  • Material handing
  • Product assembly system
  • Testing and inspection system
  • Control and integration
  • Product packaging system
    • Carton erector
    • Carton forming machine
    • Carton filling machine
    • Cartoner
    • Carton sealer
    • High-speed delta robot
    • High-speed labeling system
    • Liquid dozing system
    • Palletizer / De-palletizer
  • Turnkey solutions