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No bulk robot controller!
No another programming language to learn...

WestBison Technologies is the pioneer to design and develop delta 2D (or two-axis) robot in Asia.

WestBison robots are supplied with standalone controllers. The controller is using standard ladder programming and communicating with other device through DI/DO or Ethernet. There is no need for customer to learn another programming language.

WestBison robots could also be controlled by various type of control systems provided by our customers; this eliminates the tedious integration process of using one robot controller and one machine controller, and saves a lot of hardware cost and engineering time.

WB-2 two-axis robot

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WB-2 two-axis robot is specially designed for packaging industry.

  • High speed: up to 300 cycle per minute (standard dry cycle)
  • High payload, up to 75 kg payload
  • Easily implemented into customer existing machine or new applications
  • Easy maintenance and simple operation

It mainly used for material handling, product assembly, packing and other pick-and-place applications. In the packaging industrial, it is an ideal machine for:

  • mounting bulk and heavy PnP end effectors (pick up to 40 products per time)
  • Heavy and complicated tooling (for erecting carton box, closing carton box)

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