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WestBison Technologies is one of the leading automation companies in Asia.
By breaking through the limitations of conventional thinking, WestBison Technologies provides:

  • A comprehensive range of custom automation solutions
  • High-speed delta 2D robot arm
    WestBison Technologies is the first company to design and build new generation two-axis robot in Asia.

WestBison Technologies operates technology center and production facilities in Singapore. Our services and products are distributed to Asia, Europe, and North American through our sales network and partners.

The Vision

WestBison concentrates on developing, producing and selling high-quality service and machines. We want not only to meet our customers' expectations, but to exceed them. We use our industry-leading knowledge, our enthusiasm and advanced project management to serve the sophisticated needs of our customers.

Strong and reliable - they are our attributes of our daily operation.
We are strong when

  • We inspire our customers.
  • We accept criticisms to improve ourselves.
  • We treat our customers and partners with respect.

We are reliable when

  • Our customers are always able to count on us.
  • We keep to our commitments.

The Mission

  • What we do, we do properly.
  • We are proud of what we do.